as easy as pie

as easy as pie فقط مشترکین

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In English when we say something is "as easy as pie" it means that it's something that's really, really simple to do, something that's really, really easy to do. And we have another phrase that means the same thing where we say, "It's a piece of cake." So when we say something is "as easy as pie" or if something is a "piece of cake" both of them mean that something is really straightforward and easy to do. But have you ever made a pie? I find this phrase kind of funny because making a pie isn't actually easy. You have to make the crust. You have to make the filling. You have to put the filling in the pie. You have to put the top on the pie and you have to bake it. So I think the phrase "as easy as pie" is kind of funny because, at least for me, making a pie isn't always that easy.
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